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What are the terms of sale?
This web site and the designs listed herein are proprietary products of Chesapeake Marine Design LLC. Windward Designs is a registered trade name for the design collection. The catalog and designs herein may not be reproduced in total or in part without the written authorization of Chesapeake Marine Design, LLC. All plans are sold for the construction of one boat only. The stock plan price applies to each boat built. Any alteration without written authorization from the designer relieves the designer from further responsibility. Purchasers agree that the designer's liability is limited to the price of stock plans for the design. Plans and all copyrights remain the property of the designer. We offer a 30-day from date of purchase no questions asked refund policy for on-line plan sales. You may cancel your order for construction plans at any time prior to shipment. Terms are applicable upon execution of plan sale.

NOTE: Chesapeake Marine Design does not provide customer information to any outside source to protect customer privacy.