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E-Books for sale and other free downloads with helpful information on boatbuilding and design selection.
Good Skiffs
Written by Karl Stambaugh with contributions from numerous skiff designers including Atkins, Bolger and more. Originally published softbound by Devereaux Books, this out of print book is now available as an e-book for purchase and download. This book covers a wide range of rowing, sailing, and power skiffs in traditional and modern construction techniques. In these electronic pages, you will find many informative chapters from how to select a skiff for your intended use to tips on how to work with epoxy construction methods. There is a chapter with Free Boat Plans for the Weekend Dinghy including step-by-step assembly instructions.
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Boatbuilding with Plywood and Epoxy
Written by Karl Stambaugh, this successful how-to booklet is now available as an e-book for download. Based on the construction of the Redwing 18, this updated version now includes construction photos and photos of completed Redwing 18s. This e-book has the instructional information for first time builders or those unfamiliar with stitch and glue or glue and screw construction techniques. This e-book addresses the first time builder s question of What do I do first to build a boat. Applicable to other boats.
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Mast and Spar Construction for Small Boats
Written by Karl Stambaugh, this new e-book is an illustrated text on the simple (once you understand the technique) process of making masts and spars for small boats. Answers the What do I do first questions for first time builders.
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Free Informative Downloads

Good Oars for Easy Rowing
We feel so strongly that the right set of oars is essential for easy enjoyable rowing we are offering this e-book for free. These helpful notes on oar making provide the basics for getting started on a custom set of oars. Free oars plans are included. This write up comes with a list of sources for Culler pattern oar plans and related construction articles.
Download Good Oars E-book for FREE!
To Vee or Not to Vee
Here is the designers perspective on this often asked and most often misunderstood question. Free download.
Download Vee Notes E-book for FREE!
Electric Boat Hull Design
Proper hull characteristics are essential for efficient application of electric power. Learn what it takes to have an efficient hull and more. Written by Karl Stambaugh. Free download.
Download Electric Boat Hull Design E-book for FREE!

More Recommended Reading

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