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Windward 15


Length: 15′-0″
Beam: 5′-0″
Draft: 1′-6″ and up; 2′-6″ and dn
Weight: 250 lbs
Sail Area: 70 sf

WINDWARD 15 is based on a Chesapeake Bay crabbing skiff I designed for my nephew (Eric Flickinger). Eric built her and has sailed and beach-cruised the length of the Chesapeake Bay. He took a tent and set up where beaches were available and slept in the cockpit under a boom tent and anchored out when needed. Her Vee hull and simple rig provides a surprising turn of speed. She made the last half of the upper Bay in two days sailing.

The WINDWARD 15 has become one of the most popular small boat designs we offer. Her spacious cockpit provides room for cruising gear or family and friends. The sprit boom sail is easy to rig. You can be underway in minutes. She is easy to handle to windward and well behaved downwind. Glue and screw construction is 3/8" plywood and epoxy, watertight and long lasting for years of enjoyment.

See WoodenBoat (May/June 1989, Issue Number 88) for a design review. She issuitable for first time builders. Plans include: materials, lines, set up, a construction, and sail plan. A full size frame plan is available.

How To Order

Purchase Windward 15 Study Plans (PDF Download) for $1
Purchase Windward 15 Construction Plans (PDF Only) for $75
Purchase Windward 15 Construction Plans (Hard Copy) for $75

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