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Length: 12′-0″
Beam: 2′-8″
Draft: 0′-3″
Weight: 50 lbs

Scout is a very user friendly kayak. She is stable for leisure exploring, fishing, photographing or jus messing about. Her large cockpit provides ample room for stretching out, gear or another crew member (total capacity is 300 lbs). Her larger sister the Explorer is 15 feet long and has capacity for 400 lbs. Scout is stitch and glue construction. Scout is now available as a hull kit. The hull kit includes frames, bulkheads, bottom and side panels with precision-cut stepped scarfs, and deck panels.

Estimated material cost is $1600 from BS1088 Okoume Marine plywood.

How To Order

Purchase Scout Study Plans (PDF Download) for $1
Purchase Scout Construction Plans (Hard Copy) for $55

Not ready to buy? e-mail us why at karl@cmdboats.com
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