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Launch Cruiser 24


Length: 24′-0″
Beam: 7′-6″
Draft: 2′-2″
Weight: 4,200 lbs
Power: 9 hp Yanmar 1GM10 Diesel

The LAUNCH CRUISER 24 is a classic boat with features and capabilties that will provide numerous opportunities for enjoyment. Her classic lines and style will not go out of fashion and will be sure to draw admiration wherever she goes. She is designed around the Yanmar 1GM10 with 9 hp max at 3600 RPM and 8 hp continuous at 3400 RPM. This engine will provide enough power at the continuous rating to push the Launch Cruiser 24 up to 7 knots in calm water. She will cruise comfortably at 5 or 6 knots with power to spare. Her 20 gallon fuel capacity will provide a range of more than 300 nmi at 6 knots. Her box keel configuration provides a number of valuable features including:
  • Space for inboard engine, fuel and batteries
  • Good tracking ability
  • Flat surface to rest on when anchored where the tide may run out
  • Able Vee configuration forward that should make little fuss in a seaway
She has comfortable quarters for two on extended outings. The generous aft cockpit is ideal for lounging. There is ample space for deck chairs or fixed side seating ad required. The cockpit provides space for younger crew to sleep when cruising with a family. The fixed canopy will provide shade and shelter in good weather and bad. Construction is a combination tack and tape and glue and screw taking advantage of the benefits of both. The plywood and epoxy hull will provide a long happy life with minimal maintenance.

Estimated cost for quality construction materials (not including power) is $20000. This cost includes a high level of outfit and finish you can be proud of after putting the effort into building this fine boat.

How To Order

Purchase 1GM10 Launch Cruiser 24 Study Plans (PDF Download) for $1
Purchase Launch Cruiser 24 Construction Plans (PDF Only) for $185
Purchase 1GM10 Launch Cruiser 24 Construction Plans (Hard Copy) for $185

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