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Length: 24′-0″
Beam: 8′-6″
Draft: 1′-0″ and up;
   4′-6″ and dn
Weight: 4800 lbs
Sail Area: 230 sf

CATBIRD 24 is a shallow draft cruiser with good sailing capabilities. She has a remarkably shallow draft for a boat with her cruising accommodations. She is easy to handle on all points of sail and will go to windward with the best. She is transportable on a trailer and capable of an extended cruise on her own bottom.

I built a CATBIRD 24 for cruises on the Chesapeake Bay with my family and we′re looking forward to coastal cruises in the ICW and perhaps one day beyond. Build her and sail to your favorite shallow water retreat. Anchor in a cove or pull her up to the beach for an afternoon. She has a lot of possibilities for spending time in areas others seldom find. Glue and screw construction is 1/2" plywood and epoxy over straight frames and bulkheads. Hull construction is easy and quick. Plans include: materials, lines, construction, and sail plan. A full size frame plan is available.

How To Order

Purchase Catbird 24 Study Plans (PDF Download) for $1
Purchase Catbird 24 Construction Plans (PDF Only) for $220
Purchase Catbird 24 Construction Plans (Hard Copy) for $220

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