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C-Trawler 52


LOA: 52'-0"
LWL: 47'-8"
Beam: 13'-6"
Draft fl: 6'-6"
Disp. fl: 105,000 lbs
Ballast: 10,000 lbs
Speed: 9.5 kts top
   8 kts cruise
Range: 800+ knmi

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    Hull available for completion

  • Here is an able blue water trawler based on a proven fishing trawler hull. Her original configuration was that of a fishing trawler for the Bering Sea.. Hull structure reflects the intended use. Many boats of this design were built and operated successfully in the fishing trade. The new arrangement is designed for blue water cruising. Her new arrangement complements the hull's passage making capabilities. Accommodations are provided for four to six in comfort. Custom arrangements are possible.

    Estimated cost for quality construction materials (not including power or sails) is $4 to $6 per pound. This cost includes a high level of outfit and finish you can be proud of after putting the effort into building this fine boat.

    How To Order
    Purchase and Download Study Plans for the C-TRAWLER 52 for $5.00 in PDF format (zipped file).
    Purchase Construction Plans for the C-TRAWLER 52 for $5,200.00 for delivery by US Postal Service.
    We offer a 30-day from date of purchase no questions asked return refund policy for on-line plan sales. For more ordering information and alternate ordering methods, terms of sale, privacy policy and copyright state.

    *New* Electronic pdf plans.
    Send an e-mail to karl@cmdboats.com with your order to receive an electronic set of construction plans to read on your computer or have printed locally (i.e. at a UPS Store, Office Depot, Staples, etc, that has a wide format printer) instead of USPS mailed hard copy.

    Not ready to buy? e-mail us why at karl@cmdboats.com
    We are interested to know how we can to help you get underway!

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